At Essence by Rachel Chung, we are reinventing the social shopping experience by offering unique filtered product lines that have gone through our stringent curation process. Our extensive, months long selection process means that everything that arrives at your door step has been meticulously analyzed for quality and most importantly, that they work as intended. If a product makes it onto our site, it has received our Essence stamp of approval.

Go hunting.

Our search starts in Korea, where we seek out to find products that have an obsessive loyalty following to new brands emerging in the market. We search throughout markets, shops and scour the web to speak with shop owners, dermatologist and even the brands themselves.


We look for products that are loved, used by real people and ask for their reviews. By asking the right questions, this ensures us that the products are right for our customers.


We audit every ingredient listed on the product, looking for quality, gentle and natural formulations without the harsh chemicals. If we don’t approve, it does not make it onto our store.

Attention to detail.

Every small detail counts. We examine the textures, scent and the innovative packaging because experience to our customers matter.


We think its important to know who is behind the brand, which is why we personally research the company to ensure that quality and R&D are their number one priority. We greatly believe that any products released by the company should be backed by science and clinical data.


Of course, the product should work but we personally assess every product across the metrics including results, user experience, scent, texture and packaging. This process can take up to 8 weeks to ensure products withstand the test of time from our initial trial. We assemble a focus group with various skin types to test and ask a wealth of questions. Only products with greats results will make it to the final round.

Essence approval.

Products that make it through our 7 stringent steps can finally be awarded with the Essence Approval badge of honor.