Essence by Rachel Chung occasionally run workshops all around Melbourne for those curious and wanting to know more about what we have to offer and the basics of how to create your own personal image whether its casual or corporate. It’s all about applying the use of your appearance, behaviour and communication to build your self confidence and express your true self.

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Upcoming Events

Crafting Your Personal Image

We all like to “look good” but what does it really mean? To be more attractive to others? To feel good yourself? To land that job you wanted? The core aim of image consulting is to help you find your own personal image that makes you feel attractive and confident.

Image consulting considers three aspects: appearance, behaviour and communication. In this introductory session, we’ll talk about ‘appearance image’, as we all know first impressions are important.

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Your Guide to Skincare Pampering: Korean Style!

How often do you pamper yourself? Do you want to have better skin? Never heard of Korean cosmetics?

If you would like to give your face some love, you should try Korean cosmetics. Korea is famous for its high quality products, from basic skincare to make-up. We will be learning how to give ourselves a good pampering, Korean style, with some very simple but very effective techniques!

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Past Events

Calligraphy For Beginners

Calligraphy is the art of letters. It exists all around us: on TV, magazines, advertisements, menu, on signboards…

Calligraphy has a simple but strong impact on our lives and when used well can leave an unforgettable impression on people.

In this class you will learn a few different ways to use and practise calligraphy.

Discover Your Personal Colour and Style

Have you always dreamed of being the stylish one? The best clothes combinations, silky smooth skin and immaculate make-up? The key to having all of this is to know your ‘personal colour’! Do rich, warm colours suit your complexion or can you rock pure black and white?

In this class we’ll get our personal colour analysis and how to utilise that knowledge to achieve the best look. Get the top tips for your personalised colour, including clothes, make-up and even hair.

Come along and discover how to look your best!

Autumn Beauty Reset

We all like to look our best, and the good news is that with a few simple changes it’s easy to feel more attractive and confident! If you are interested in inner beauty (nutrition, diet, gut health) and outer beauty (skincare, styling) or just want to release your true beauty, this is for you!

In this class you’ll get a personal health and skin analysis and learn how to utilise that knowledge to achieve the best look. Plus, get top tips for your personalised total Beauty!

Come along and discover how to reset your beauty!