Essence by Rachel Chung has built our reputation on bringing you the highest quality of Korean beauty products available on the market. Skincare is the heart of every Korean beauty and the foundation to paint the perfect picture.

Korean skincare products have a long heritage of natural ingredients to cater for the most sensitive skin without using harsh chemicals. Korean skincare products take on a holistic approach that focuses on improving the skin from the inside out. Concentrating on maintaining a healthy, well hydrated and nourished skin environment for results that last a life time.

We have personally curated, tested and placed our Essence approval on all products on our website.

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  • What are your main skin concerns?
    • Fine lines and wrinkles
    • Puffy eyes, crow’s feet, dark circles
    • Dry patches and irritation
    • Firmness or loss of elasticity
    • Uneven skin tone and discolouration
    • Enlarged pores