Skincare is at the heart of all Korean beauty and the foundations to a picture-perfect face. It is well known that Koreans are one of the most demanding beauty care product consumers in the world. With thousands of beauty brands all competing for market share, the result is bringing the most incredible innovative products to the forefront of the beauty world for a fraction of the costs, compared to many of the well-known brands in retail stores.

Exceptional Innovation.

Korean beauty is miles ahead of the curve as they harness the countries unique, botanical ingredients when formulating new products. A couple of terms to look out for on the label when shopping is Red Ginseng, which has amazing antiaging properties, Aloe Vera 92% extract, which soothes and hydrates the dry skin in a matter of minutes.

Sensitive formulations.

Innovative Korean formulas are made from ingredients designed to be gentle of sensitive skin but also impressive enough to get results. All products offered are sensitive skin tested through our curation process.

Effective but yet affordable.

Competition among brands have always been beneficial to consumers and its no different in the Korean beauty industry which helps keep the prices down but without sacrificing quality.

Makeup takes a back seat.

Sad but true. Koreans believe that make up is a band-aid for covering up conditions like acne, redness or hyper pigmentation. Its not a treatment, its just a temporary fix.

Prevention not treatment.

The Korean beauty holistic approach focuses on improving skin from the inside out. Prevention is Key! Radiant looking skin with light to no make-up? Yes Please.